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The scenic Niagara region alone has over 1000 locations for our award-winning, professional photo-journalistic team to explore with you, to commemorate your special day.  We have 25 years of memories to prove it.


We do this not only by sleuthing for that perfect location but by sitting with you to create a comfortable timetable.  The photographer discusses and generates a list of the moments you feel are important and, creating possible shooting angles to perfect your day.


We have many packages for you to choose from to suit your budget.  One package we are proud to introduce allows our wedding steward and the Hair/Cosmetic touch-up crew to supply you the ultimate shoot experience to the bridal party that wants to look their best.  Just like in the movies, you are the star of the show!

The ideal possibilities are limitless; and so are our portfolios and album packages!  We make it easy for you to choose a package that is exclusively for you.

Imagine your day captured for life-lasting memories.  Don't leave it to the amateurs, leave it to us.  Call us or book an online appointment to show you what we love to do! 

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