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The magic in every event begins when the ideas and desires start to fall in line and begin to take place.  This is where the bride and groom get to be guests at their own wedding, as our wizards make it all happen.  We have a package to suit your every need. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Total Package


From the moment you say YES, to the moment you say good night on that very special day, let us be the Genies who can make your day dazzle!



Order from our large array of party items.  From cake toppers and bridal gifts to honeymoon items, let every detail be delivered to your home. 

Event Styling

Hydrangea Bouquets.jpeg

We make every floral budget look amazing!  Call us to set up an appointment for a free consultation. 

Splendid Proposals

Couple in B and W embracing Valentines.j

To all our proposers who need a little creative help in making that monumental question extra special, call on our fairy godmothers with your details and leave the rest to us...


Proudly working with:


Bestbite Catering
Traditional in the promise that your meal will be good to the last bite.

St. Laurent, Quebec

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Tel: 905-295-0058

Cell: 514-943-6036


Studio Zoomtech
Photography and video journalists.  Call on them to document your most historic moments.
Cel: 514-862-8881
Tel: 905-295-0058


Fun Fun Fun

If it isn't fun, we wont do it!  Call us for all of your décor needs.​

Tel: 905-925-0058

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